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I edit this website using Brackets. I personally write all of the HTML and CSS code myself. The website is hosted by GitHub Pages.

My tech stack:

*I may switch to (some distribution of) Linux in the future.

**I've tested this website in Safari and Chrome, but it should display correctly in all browsers. I may switch to Firefox in the future.


Like pretty much all other code I've ever written, this website is free and open source software, which I am releasing under the MIT license. You can see its source code here. To the greatest extent permissible under law, I also release it under CC-BY 4.0 or later.

Feel free to use the content on this website as you wish; I generally have a fairly laissez-faire attitude towards copyright, especially w.r.t. stuff I create. However, please give me credit.

Questions, comments, or concerns? Send me email at duckmaster0 at protonmail dot com

Last updated 6 August 2023 AD/CE

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